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UGA Tragedy … Looking for Answers

1175023_magnoliaThe tragic two-car crash near Athens, Georgia that took the lives of four University of Georgia students is still under investigation. Local authorities have been seeking answers to this unthinkable tragedy that has the campus and many Georgians reeling with sadness for these young lives. Authorities found no drugs or alcohol at the scene. The driver of the vehicle in which the UGA students travelled remains in critical condition. The driver of the other vehicle is not seriously harmed and made the call to 911 saying that a car had swerved in front of her vehicle. It is now thought that the driver of the vehicle that carried the now-deceased young women, might have over-corrected and lost control of her vehicle, striking the oncoming car.

Over correction is a well-known cause of accident. Often over correction involves vehicles veering off the road and can involve speeding. When a driver senses that a wheel is off the pavement or outside its lane that driver might try to steer the vehicle in the other direction, while losing control in the process. This loss of control of a vehicle sometimes causes it to slide sideways or roll over. Overcorrection accidents can result in a vehicle veering into oncoming traffic. Many have been harmed or fatally injured in over correction accidents.

There are ways to avoid the dangers of over correction, but they must be practiced to ensure they become more automatic when a situation arises. These techniques need to be a part of the education of all new drivers and experienced drivers should be reminded about them as well. These include remaining as calm as possible, avoiding braking and decelerating. Although we do not yet know for certain what caused this accident, the swerving as described by the other driver and the lack of other causes, has led authorities to suspect over correction.

At one of the deceased UGA students’ funerals earlier this week, her own words of faith in song were played at her service. Around the UGA campus, students have gathered together in prayer and sadness since the night of this tragedy. As the days have passed, the memorials on campus have been poignant and full of tears for the students who are so close to graduation and the end of the year. The families of the deceased students somehow gathered the strength to speak at a vigil in Athens. UGA’s President Morehead has been consoling students and the University Health Center’s Counseling Support Services have been made available for students in mourning. Georgia’s Governor ordered universities to fly their flags at half-staff.

Scholle Law once again expresses our deepest condolences to the UGA family and to all those affected by this tragedy. To the students, the families and the community, we are with you in sorrow and we pray for the healing of the student who remains in the hospital.