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Types of Georgia Car Accidents

The type of Georgia auto accident one is involved in is often predictive of which driver is liable. In addition, certain types of injuries are more common with different types of accidents. For example, when a driver is stopped at a stop sign or red light, and he or she is hit from the rear, then it is almost always, without exception, the fault of the driver behind him. The citation for the offending driver is typically “following too closely”. Moreover, the injuries one sustains in such a collision are likely to be to the neck or the back because the neck and spine are thrown forward when one is struck from behind.

In Georgia, sideswipe accidents, head on collisions, hit and run wrecks, drunk driving accidents, intersection accidents, head on collisions, failure to yield wrecks and t bone car accidents can result in devastating catastrophic injury. Some other types of Georgia car accidents with the injury and liability consequences are listed below
Head On Collision. Head-on collisions usually involve one party driving on the wrong side of the road or crossing the centerline of the road into the path of oncoming traffic. Head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries, neck injuries, spine injuries and amputation injuries, including decapitation can occur.

Intersection Accident. Intersection collisions often involve one driver disregarding a traffic control device. T-bone or side impact wrecks can result in devastating internal injuries if the driver or passenger is in an impact area that is hit directly and perpendicular. Head injuries are another unfortunate consequence.

Pedestrian Accident. Pedestrian impacts typically result in catastrophic trauma for the pedestrian because she is completely exposed and unprotected from injury, resulting in severe head injury, broken bones, spine injury, road rash, traumatic brain injury, amputation injury, internal injuries and limb injuries.

Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign, Yield Sign or Red Light. Various injuries can result.

Failure to Yield. Like failure to stop at a traffic control device, these crashes can result in varying types of impacts and injuries.

Side Impact or T-Bone Collision. With head on collisions, side impact collisions are typically the most serious of accidents. Traumatic brain injury, spine injury and catastrophic internal injuries can result.

Driving While Texting or Driving Using Cell Phone. Unfortunately, driving while texting or using a cell phone is not illegal in Georgia yet, but studies find that these activities can result in a major lack of awareness resulting in major impact injuries.

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