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Tragic Fatal Accidents in Clayton, Gwinnett & White Counties

iStock_000016429140XSmallThe Monday morning news was remarkably sad yesterday. The AJC reported on several motor vehicle wrecks that were nearly simultaneous. First, a fatal crash resulting in the deaths of two people in Lawrenceville and only a short way down the road another vehicle crash on Georgia 316. That first crash involved a head on collision involving two cars. In that collision, one driver was traveling in a car northbound and the other was driving southbound on Buford Road. Both drivers were killed in this accident and our hearts go out to their loved ones and their communities. Although other vehicles were involved in this crash, the drivers of those vehicles were not seriously injured.

Then, just down the road, another vehicle crash occurred. This crash involved a truck and a car. Specifically, a garbage truck and a passenger car ended up colliding with serious injuries apparently being sustained by one or both of the drivers involved. Although details were not forthcoming, the emergency authorities had to extricate one of the victims from the vehicle in which he or she was driving.

In another extremely sad incident, two teens were killed when their vehicle left the road and ended up overturned and submerged in a local creek. No details were reported, but most certainly there will be some accident reconstruction involved in determining what occurred and why the vehicle left the road. We are extremely saddened by this news, not only because two young people have lost their lives, but because their families and the White County community where they resided are undoubtedly deeply shaken and forever impacted by this tragic accident.

And in a heartbreaking vehicle crash, a young Clayton County police officer was killed while responding to a report of potential criminal activity in the area. While in emergency mode, his vehicle crashed as he attempted to avoid striking another vehicle on the road. He was a recent graduate of the police academy and his colleagues are mourning his loss. We all have been in situations in which an emergency vehicle is approaching and some vehicles are able to pull over and others have more difficulty doing so or ignore the need and the legal requirement to do so. In this situation, we do not know precisely what occurred, but we do know that any loss of life and any loss of a law enforcement officer is a major loss to our community. We cannot imagine the sorrow that is being experienced by the Clayton County police and we send our deepest sympathies to the entire police force and to the family and friends of the young officer.

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