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Tragedy Strikes Augusta Boxer on Marietta Parkway

motorcyclistcountryroadiStock_000018067726XSmall.jpgThe Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta was a wonderful tribute to our service men and women as the community celebrated our troops in various and important ways. But for one man and his loved ones, tragedy struck unexpectedly as a world-class Augusta, Georgia athlete suffered a terrible and complex injury, one that I have dealt with in my practice as an Atlanta spinal cord injury lawyer.

Sunday morning, champion boxer Paul Williams who has twice been named top welterweight by the World Boxing Organization, was traveling on his motorcycle on South Marietta Parkway. He was in town for his brother’s wedding.

According to the reports by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution and the Associated Press, he was traveling at a high rate of speed. The motorcycle he was riding crashed into an embankment as authorities stated the bike was traveling ” ‘too fast for conditions’ ” and ” ‘could not negotiate a curve.’ ” The bike went off the road and tragically, Mr. Williams’ spinal cord was severed. This is a very serious injury, depending on where on the spinal cord the injury occurs and how badly the spinal cord is severed, partially or completely.

Amazingly, his manager told the AP that he wants to fight again and get back on his bike although he is currently paralyzed from the waist down. It is also expected that Mr. Williams will make a statement this week. We wish him well and our prayers and thoughts are with him for his recovery.

From all accounts, he is in good spirits and wants to get back on his bike and box again. Touted as a very accomplished boxer, he has had a long career with significant successes and is reported to be one of the best in the world in his class. His sense of humor and outlook on life may well be the best tool he has to fight the tragedy that has befallen him.

Spinal cord injuries are complex and varied. As we have seen in past years with high profile cases like that of Christopher Reeves, individuals can live many years with these injuries through the help of medical advances in the understanding of this complex spinal cord system. Among the most common causes of spinal cord injuries are: car, truck and motorcycle accidents; falls, particularly in people over age 65; gun violence and sports, including diving as well as football and other contact sports.

In my work as an Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyer, I know that spinal cord injuries are life changing, complex and difficult both legally and emotionally. Not only is the victim dealing with pain and suffering, but there are very pragmatic aspects to these cases. Spinal cord injury victims must protect themselves financially as they may not be able to work in their chosen profession. They will likely have additional medical expenses throughout their lives.

As an Atlanta spinal cord injury attorney, I have helped victims and their families deal with the legal and medical aspects of these complex cases. If you have been injured due to the fault of another, please contact our office for a free consultation. We are conveniently located with offices throughout the Atlanta area. My law firm handles accident cases throughout the Atlanta region and in all surrounding cities and counties, including Duluth, Fulton County, Grayson, Gwinnett County and more.