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Roll Over Crash Ends in Tragedy on Interstate 75

SUV on sideAfter a recent crash on I-75 northbound a unidentified man has passed away from the injuries he sustained when his jeep rolled over and he was thrown from it. This sad situation is one which I have dealt with as an Atlanta car accident lawyer representing those seriously injured in a roll over accident or the family members of those who have been fatally injured as happened in this roll over accident.

In recent years, roll over accidents have been on the rise. These accidents are often caused by driving situations in which a combination of things converge that result in a vehicle tipping and once tipped, rolling over.

In this tragic crash, reports state that the deceased man was driving an SUV, specifically a Jeep Wrangler. His vehicle collided with a pickup truck and then rolled over. The driver was then thrown from the Jeep and sustained catastrophic injuries. This occurred near the South Marietta Parkway on I-75 northbound.

Unable to survive these injuries, the man passed away at WellStar Kennestone Hospital. Although the pick up truck driver was not injured, the accident is still under investigation and it is possible that some charges will be brought.

Georgia’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) has published reports in recent years about the rise in roll over accidents that has followed the popularity of SUV’s and pick up trucks. In the decade from the mid-1990’s until about 2005, fatal crashes involving these vehicles increased from about six percent to about sixteen percent. This included drivers and occupants, although occupant deaths were slightly lower. Fatalities for standard pick up trucks were also up during this same period. It is likely that the increase of these vehicles on the roads in Georgia “will continue to be a hazard to other motorists.”

Although some efforts are being made to reduce the roll over hazard in these vehicles, they still represent a larger percentage of fatalities than do regular passenger cars.

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