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Pedestrian fatalities in Gwinnett County accidents

A few different Gwinnett County pedestrians have been hit by cars in the past week. The most recent accident happened Monday evening when a Duluth pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle. Then last Friday a 13-year-old Auburn pedestrian was hit and killed by an SUV. Another teen also was injured by a vehicle last week, but fortunately not killed.

Pedestrian3.jpgThe Duluth pedestrian accident didn’t have many details reported, but Gwinnett County police said that the victim died at the scene of the accident, the incident was not a hit and run, and that the driver was apparently not at fault. However, they did note that investigations had barely begun.

As for the Auburn pedestrian’s death, Gwinnett County police said it was unlikely that charges would be pressed, as it appeared that the 13-year-old stepped into the Chevrolet Suburban’s path. The police also said alcohol did not appear to be a factor. In this case, too, the investigation is still ongoing.

It is interesting that charges are not being pressed in neither of these cases, considering how traumatic it is to lose a loved one to a grisly auto accident, particularly if that loved one was unprotected by a vehicle themselves. However, considering the dangers of highway driving, it is important not only for drivers, but also for pedestrians also to follow good safety practices. It still is possible that either of these SUV drivers will be found at fault for these Gwinnett County pedestrian deaths, depending on what is uncovered by police.

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