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A New Year Miracle After Tragedy

1175023_magnoliaAs 2015 begins we want to wish all of our readers a very happy and healthy new year. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our perspective on the law and our community. Whether we are sharing perspectives on national or Georgia law or how our legal system impacts our daily lives, we are committed to sharing ideas with our readers and helping those who have suffered injury or who have lost a loved one after an accident or other catastrophic event. We take this responsibility very seriously and we value our readers. So thank you for being a part of our community and for taking the time to read our posts.

This new year brings one of the most amazing stories of survival we have ever encountered. Most of you have already heard about this story, but it is worth greater consideration. When earlier this week we learned of the survival of a 7-year-old child after her parents, sibling and cousin were killed in their private plane, we were stunned. The little girl who went through the fear of the emergency that befell her parents flight home from Florida … and then left a burning Piper PA-34 to find help … is nothing short of a miracle. Sailor’s father was a commercially licensed pilot, as well as a flight instructor, who knew how to fly. He made a distress call of engine trouble and was told by air traffic controllers where the nearest runway was from his point of emergency. The plane crashed in the deep woods of Kentucky. Despite the dark and forested woods that had many downed trees and thick brush, creek beds and other obstacles, this little girl found her way to one of the three homes that are occupied year-round in this rural area. Most homes in the area are vacation homes and are left vacant until warmer weather. So in addition to getting through the woods in the dark with no shoes, this child found refuge in the home of a 71-year old man who knew what to do and called 911. He too is a special part of this story of survival as he took this child in immediately and called for help.

We mourn the loss of Sailor’s family members. She is now safely in Illinois with her grandparents and her loving community. Somehow we know that although she will need support and guidance, this child has a bright future ahead despite the trauma she has suffered. She is the ultimate survivor. What is it in the human spirit that allows those coming from tragedy to thrive? There are many examples of sole survivors who must overcome the puzzling circumstances of their own survival while others lost their lives. We see this in our law practice often … families who have suffered injury and loss are able to find a way to honor their loved ones by moving forward with life. The human spirit is extraordinary. No matter how challenging, many people find a way to overcome the most difficult obstacles after a tragic loss or serious injury. We find this most inspiring — the story of a child walking through the woods, knowing her family was gone forever — still finds her way.

There is no greater honor than the trust our clients put in us to help them in their greatest time of need and trauma. At Scholle Law, we have helped many families who have suffered serious injury or who have not survived an accident or injury. Our work as serious personal injury lawyers is compelled by our need to help. That is why we practice law and why we devote our law practice to making sure that the injured victims we represent have the best legal representation possible, implemented with compassion and communication.