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Midtown Atlanta Hit and Run Arrest

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for iStock_000015148283XSmall.jpgThe Midtown Atlanta area has become a wonderful residential and business center and a favorite destination for arts and a vibrant nightlife. Unfortunately, along with that comes the possibility that those having fun will perhaps drink and drive, an often dangerous and potentially deadly combination. This past weekend, a woman sustained critical injuries after being struck by a hit and run driver while walking on a sidewalk in Midtown Atlanta. The woman was hit early in the evening on Friday and the driver of the vehicle that allegedly struck her has now been arrested. We do not know where he had been prior to the incident, but it is alleged that he had been drinking prior to the pedestrian hit and run accident.

As is often the case in a hit and run accident, witnesses were able to identify the vehicle that struck the woman and investigators were able to locate both the vehicle and the driver to make the arrest. The many charges that the driver faces are those we have often seen together when a hit and run accident and injury occurs. These include such serious charges as the crime of hit and run with failure to seek medical support itself which is found under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated section 40-6-270 and the crime of driving under the influence which is found under Official Code of Georgia Annotated section 40-6-391.

If it seems to you like hit and runs are becoming more prevalent, you are right. And often alcohol is a cause. USA Today recently noted that the serious increase in hit and run crashes and deaths are causing some consideration around the country of greater penalties for this crime. Legislative action might well be taken in many states due to the growth in number and severity of hit and runs. In cities such as Los Angeles up to about half of all crashes have included hit and runs in recent years. The recent statistics on hit and run fatalities is troubling. As motor vehicle crash fatalities have decreased in some years, those related to hit and runs have increased sharply.

Perhaps at some point research experts in driving behaviors will determine why this phenomenon is occurring across our country. But it certainly does not reflect a positive trend and automobile organizations, such as AAA, are voicing concerns about this serious national problem. One trend that we have seen around the Atlanta metro area and within Georgia is something that is also seen across the country — pedestrians are very often the victims of hit and run accidents. And driving under the influence is a greater factor in these accidents than ever before. The Midtown Atlanta pedestrian hit and run is an example of this very widespread problem.

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