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More Metro Atlanta Pedestrian Accidents

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for iStock_000015148283XSmall.jpgA recent rash of accidents involving pedestrian injuries and deaths, continues. Just yesterday, two such accidents occurred in an unlikely location. Two pedestrians were hit by motor vehicles on I-75 in metro Atlanta. These are currently being investigated. As we have seen in the recent past and as I have seen in my practice as an Atlanta pedestrian injury lawyer, pedestrian injury and death is becoming more common across the country. There are many factors that are causing this, but our area is not immune to this trend.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that earlier this week, a male pedestrian was walking in the roadway on I-75 southbound. He was near Locust Grove Road in Henry County when he was hit by a tractor-trailer and killed. The truck driver did the right thing after hitting the man, he stopped and perhaps will be able to provide information to the police on what he saw.

The truck driver acted properly under Georgia law which prohibits hit and run in pedestrian accidents. Official Code of Georgia section 40-6-270 states in no uncertain terms that drivers must stop after an accident involving injury or death.

There is no information currently on why the man was walking in the road, whether his own vehicle had broken down or there was some other situation that resulted in his being there.

On the same day, a female pedestrian was standing on the Downtown Connector when she was hit by a car. She had been standing in a lane on I-75/85 southbound near Fulton Street. The woman was struck in the morning at about 10:30 am and there is no information about why she was there. It was reported that other vehicles had swerved around the woman missing her, but that finally a car struck her as she stood in traffic. She was taken to Grady Memorial with unknown injuries.

One of the reasons it is so critical that we all avoid driving distracted is that anything can arise on the roadway at any time. We need to be prepared to expect the unexpected. As our culture changes and we have more and more technology in our vehicles, perhaps that technology will one day help us avoid the type of tragedies that occurred in these pedestrian accidents.

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