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Injured Infant Dies After Truck Crash in Cobb County

An Atlanta Metro tractor-trailer accident became a tragedy this week after a six-month old baby died from injuries sustained in a Cobb County crash. The infant’s parents were both injured in the crash. The Atlanta Injury Attorney Blog and its affiliated Georgia injury law firm wish to express our deepest condolences to the bereaved family.
The truck crash, which also involved several passenger cars, took place on I-75 in Cobb County this past Saturday night. Investigators say that a truck traveling towards the Windy Hill Road exit failed to brake for stopped vehicles on the road. The vehicles, a Toyota Highlander, a GMC Acadia and a Buick LaSabre were stopped in traffic in a construction zone that involved lane closures.

The driver of the truck apparently did not brake and instead slammed into three cars crashing into the rear of the Acadia, the side of the Toyota Highlander and the rear of the Buick LaSabre. The now-deceased baby was a passenger in the Acadia.

The baby’s parents who reside in Douglasville, Georgia were immediately treated at Atlanta Medical Center after the accident and their baby was taken in critical condition to Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta (Scottish Rite). But sadly, on Monday their baby died from the serious injuries sustained.

The two occupants of the Buick were also injured, while those in the Toyota were not injured.

The tractor-trailer driver is now charged with two misdemeanors — 2nd-degree vehicular homicide and following too closely. He was not injured in the crash.

Passenger cars on Georgia’s roads travel along with heavy vehicles such as tractor-trailers. When they are involved in a collision, the passenger cars are far more likely to be damaged and passengers injured.

This is a matter of weight and speed — the heavier vehicle cannot stop or avoid a collision as well as a smaller, lighter vehicle. Apparently, in this accident, the truck is alleged to have been following too closely and either did not brake or could not stop in time to avoid the cars.

We do not know all the details of this accident, but certainly driver error is likely to have had something to do with this terrible incident or the driver would not have been charged. Driving too closely to other vehicles is a recipe for disaster.

If that is what happened here (as opposed to a mechanical failure) which is what the authorities allege, the driver will be held accountable for failing to brake and stop. And if the baby’s parents pursue their legal rights, he may well be found responsible for the wrongful death of their child. He and his company or insurance carrier will have to pay for their suffering and the baby’s wrongful death and injuries before the baby died.

Atlanta truck accidents are often deadly. When tragedy strikes, it is important to secure legal counsel to protect your rights. Contacting an experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyer, as soon as possible can help preserve evidence and ensure that you are able to recover the financial damages you will need to deal with injuries and your suffering.