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Ikea Dressers Recalled After Deadly Accidents

iStock_000016030629XSmallWhen parents create living spaces for their children and choose furniture, safety is part of the consideration. The last thing a parent wants is to worry that their child or children might be hurt or killed due to unsafe furniture. Once a week in America, a child loses his or her life due to tipping furniture or tipping televisions. A curious child putting weight on a piece of untethered or unanchored furniture can cause it to topple. And we know kids can unwittingly do something dangerous in seconds. In recent weeks, IKEA Group has recalled nearly 36 million chests and dressers in the United States and Canada due to child injuries or death caused by tipping dressers. These accidents ALL involve dressers that were not anchored to the wall. One of the IKEA dressers involved are in the group called MALM — this includes many versions of this dresser from small to tall. The dressers were made between 2002 to 2016 and can be identified by looking at the labeling on the inside top or side panel. IKEA is offering refunds/returns or repair kits for these dressers.

In recent years, three toddlers died in separate incidents when IKEA dressers fell on them. In all cases, the dressers were not anchored to the wall. IKEA is working with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on this massive recall. The CPSC has warned the public that these dressers have proven to be too dangerous when they are not anchored. Although there have now been six deaths associated with these and other dressers, this has not been an issue in other countries in which they are sold.

The recall is very expansive and includes those dressers that fail to comply with United States performance requirements. The problem with the recalled dressers is instability when not anchored. The company did offer a repair kit for the dressers after two children had already died from injuries suffered when the dressers fell on them. Sadly, even after the repair kit was announced one death and 17 injuries occurred with chests or dressers that were not anchored. Other dressers that have caused death are the GUTE 4-drawer, the RAKKE 5-drawer and the KURS 3-drawer. Parents can check the IKEA website to identify the dressers that are considered unsafe.

Parents must inspect their furniture, whether it was purchased at IKEA or elsewhere. Opening a drawer and trying to climb in for example, can cause the dresser to fall on a toddler and can cause serious injury or death as we know. As with all recalls, consumers must be cautious NOT to buy these products at garage sales or flea markets. Many recalled items can end up being resold on Craig’s List or elsewhere and should instead be tied up and put in storage or disposed of and not used or sold.

Scholle Law urges all parents and caregivers to check their children’s rooms for safety. If you have a landlord that will not allow you to anchor furniture to the wall, reach out them and explain the situation. They might want to avoid a problem later if they fail to allow you to safely anchor furniture  in your rental home or apartment. If you have any questions about an accident or injury, contact our offices for a free evaluation.