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Gwinnett Tractor-Trailer Crash with SUV Ends Tragically

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 1175023_magnolia.jpgJust as the holiday weekend was winding down, Gwinnett County was the location of a terrible crash in which one woman has lost her life and two children were injured.

The crash occurred on Monday afternoon on I-85. I want to send my condolences to the family of the deceased woman and to the children who are injured and hospitalized. Representing those injured in auto accidents as a Gwinnett County injury lawyer, I know the trauma that families experience in these situations and my heart goes out to them. They will need a great deal of support in all aspects of their recovery.

The accident apparently occurred in the early afternoon on Monday. Reports in the Atlanta Journal-Constititution state that the Gwinnett County Police Department have described the collision as occurring near Steve Reynolds Boulevard. According to the police, a southbound tractor-trailer make a lane change which then forced an SUV driven by the deceased woman into another lane, sideswiping a box truck. After the collision the SUV departed from the road, striking an embankment and flipping over more than one time.

The driver of the SUV was ejected from the vehicle and was taken to the hospital where she passed away. The two children were taken to Children’s at Egleston hospital along with another male adult passenger who was in the SUV.

Although the tractor-trailer driver failed to stop at the scene, that individual was later located by authorities in Cobb County and has been interviewed. We are uncertain as to why he or she failed to stop. Perhaps the driver was not aware of the collision that occurred as the lane change was made, although this seems unlikely. There have been no arrests in the accident as the investigation continues. Authorities indicate that the box truck driver did stop and cooperate with investigators.

As we have advised readers in the past, Georgia law requires that drivers stop after an accident. Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated section 40-6-270 this is mandated and also requires that drivers get help for injured victims.

We do not know whether anyone will be charged in this crash. We do know that lane changes by tractor-trailers are often very dangerous maneuvers and smaller vehicles need to be aware of these large heavy trucks.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a tractor-trailer, please contact me for a free consultation regarding your legal rights and remedies. These accidents can be very serious in terms of injury and property damage. Expert help and support can be very important to recovery.