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Gwinnett Child, Recovering From Burns, Returns From Hospital

Child Injury1.jpgAnyone who underestimates the importance of making sure kids are adequately monitored by adults will think again after reading this heart-wrenching article about a Gwinnett County burn victim. In it, we learn about a little boy named Alfred Real who nearly died when he and his friend were playing with a grill lighter and a gas can. Now eight-year-old Alfred’s body is covered with third-degree burns, he wears a protective nylon suit while his skin regenerates, and he endures hours of physical therapy each and every day. Everything he used to know how to do, basically, he has had to relearn from scratch.

Alfred’s parents say their son was trying to extinguish the fire another child had caused, and my heart truly goes out to them, and their brave little boy. However, it is worth considering that with adequate supervision, this
Gwinnett County child injury
may not have happened at all. The details of the accident are not clearly by the press–which makes sense, as at this point everyone is probably just giving thanks that Alfred is still alive. Still, it seems clear that if Alfred was supposed to have been watched by a babysitter, a neighbor or family friend, it wasn’t enough to keep him away from a clearly hazardous situation. If such a person was supposed to have been watching him, Alfred’s parents would have a compelling case for legal action on the grounds of the their negligence.

Georgia burn injuries, though common, run a wide gamut from mild to severe. On the extreme end, burn victims can suffer from extreme shock, infection, respiratory problems, nerve damage, and thick scarring that can limit their mobility for a lifetime. Emergency medical attention, skin grafts and other surgery, special wound dressings and garments, and round after round of physical and psychological therapy are just some of the expenses that can be incurred. And that’s just on the time and money end. A disfiguring burn can permanently affect a person’s quality of life, so prevention is critical.

One more factor to consider is that oftentimes clothing and other children’s products are not sufficiently flame-retardant to prevent instant and severe injury. The flammability of Alfred’s clothing, or perhaps another nearby item, could have been a factor in the degree of Alfred’s injury. Just as it is important to hold babysitters and other supervising adults accountable for watching children and preventing their injury, it is important to hold manufacturers accountable for producing the safest products possible.

But for now, let’s all just give thanks that Alfred is alive, was able to get the treatment he needed, and is going to be okay.

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