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Georgia’s Labor Day Weekend Accident Stats Reported

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for emergencyvehicle.jpegThe Georgia State Patrol has gathered statistics from Labor Day. Fourteen deaths occurred in traffic accidents that occurred all around the state. In total there were over 400 crashes, injuring over 200 people. Given the high visibility for enforcement, the injuries and deaths this year are not the worst we have seen in our state, but they are not the best either. As an Atlanta auto accident attorney, I am particularly grateful for efforts that reduce accident and injury because I know first-hand the consequences to victims and their families.

It was reported that four deaths over the holiday were in the Metro Atlanta area. There were two in Roswell, one in Cobb County and another in DeKalb County. Last year, 13 people lost their lives in traffic accidents over Labor Day. The Georgia Department of Public Safety noted that efforts are made for higher visibility during busy holiday travel weekends and that these efforts have reduced fatalities.

Georgia state troopers likely prevented many more possible injuries and deaths by taking 225 drivers off the roads who were found driving under the influence and arrested. This is an important effort in our state to keep our roads safe for all.

This year, traffic was expected to be the busiest of the season. In a statement prior to the long weekend, it was noted that many other sporting events and holiday festivities would clog the roads. Due to the recognition that this particular time of year brings tragedy on our roads, a number of measures were taken to keep us all safer. We should all be grateful for these efforts since the statistics would certainly be much higher had our law enforcement officials did not perform these vital functions.

Safety is crucial all year long, but especially on traditionally high-risk holidays. Although we all might think that getting to our destination is the most important factor, actually getting there safely is even more important. We need to be sure that we do everything we can to keep our kids and ourselves safe.

And we as Georgians should be proud that we participate in efforts to keep us all safer on our roads. This is something we can all do for one another and our kids. So let’s thank our fellow citizens and our state troopers for all they do for us on the roads and highways.

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