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Georgia Highway Accidents — Will Road Funding Help Reduce Them?

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The year has begun with some big announcements about Georgia’s road and infrastructure improvements. Last year, the Georgia legislature enacted a multi-billion dollar investment in our roads and highways over the next 10 years. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has now provided an infrastructure maintenance plan that could help create safer roads and highways and perhaps reduce Georgia accidents in the process. The intention is to improve roads and bridges and improve safety for freight traffic that traverses our state. This could be important in reducing truck crashes and other motor vehicle accidents throughout Georgia and in the Atlanta metro area.

Over 50 percent of the projects slated early-on will help initially with roads and bridges. The list of projects includes resurfacing of about 2,500 miles, replacing some bridges and repairing others. The effort will be using a successful “Design Build and Finance method” that was put to the test in a project that improved I-285 and I-400 project. GDOT and the legislators say they are reaching a new level of cooperation which is making all of this possible.

Throughout the United States, we have heard for years that our roads and bridges are at risk. The difficulties in our economy have made the needed improvements more difficult to accomplish. No where has that been made more clear than in the Minneapolis bridge that failed and killed 13 people and resulted in catastrophic and serious injuries to many others. The image of a bridge collapse in a major American city, with a school bus full of children teetering on the edge of disaster, was shocking to all. This event  caused many to ask the question: where else could a bridge tragedy like this one occur? Every time we drive across a bridge, we do not want to think of the possibility that the bridge might fail. But this type of failure can happen when we allow our roads to languish and put drivers at risk for serious injury and worse.

Scholle Law applauds these efforts and hopes that they result in fewer injuries and deaths on our roads and highways. According to GDOT, the targeted focus will be on routine preventative maintenance such as pot hole and guardrail repairs, increased resurfacing, bridge replacements and repairs, increased safety improvements and other essential projects.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, please contact Scholle Law for help. We are dedicated to helping those injured or harmed, recover their health and receive compensation for their injuries. We provide free consultations and evaluations of your accident and your legal rights.