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FedEx Truck in Serious I-20 Crash

Thumbnail image for Truck7.jpgLast week a very serious truck crash took place in the early hours on Wednesday. The Federal Express truck was headed west on I-20 in Carroll County when it is thought that it rear-ended a retired old school bus. The initial comments made by the Georgia State Patrol indicated that the bus had been traveling in the far right lane when it was hit. The bus may have been traveling slowly in its lane. Unfortunately, the impact occurred with sufficient force to overturn both the truck and the bus and, as a result, both drivers were injured.

The crash closed the westbound lanes for about three hours. The vehicles also ended up catching fire. Other drivers, including a UPS driver, saved the FedEx driver as his vehicle burned and he was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital. The other driver also needed medical intervention and was taken to a local medical center. The accident is still under investigation.

It is not at all clear what happened in this crash. Although we know the FedEx truck apparently rear-ended the bus, this doesn’t necessarily tell the full story. The fact is, if the bus was going too slowly, that might well be a related cause of the crash. If a driver is driving below the speed limit, this too can be dangerous for other drivers. A below minimum speed ticket can be a shock to those who assume that it is only an offense to drive too fast when it comes to speed. If a driver is traveling too slowly, this can be considered impeding the flow of traffic and a citation can be given for this.

Under Official Code of Georgia section 40-6-184, impeding the flow of traffic is prohibited. The only exception is when there is a a need to slow down for safety reasons. Another offense that readers might not know about is also found in this code section. Driving too slowly in the left lane on a two or more lane road is also prohibited when a driver is traveling less than the maximum speed limit and another vehicle is trying to pass. The only exception to this rule is when the left lane slower driver is intending to make a left turn.

Amazingly, a number of decades ago, a federal government researcher determined that there is a greater risk of crash for those driving below the average speed limit. Anyone who has been on a fast moving highway when a vehicle ahead slows down for no apparent reason, knows how frightening this can be. Due to the dangers of slower driving, it is worth noting that the research has indicated that traveling at the rate of other vehicles around you may be the safest of all speeds.

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