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Dangerous Ice, Not Just a Road Hazard

Recently, several deaths have been reported on the roads throughout the South due to icy patches and ice on roadways. Two in Louisiana, three in Mississippi and undoubtedly others. These accidents and fatalities are attributed to roadway and bridge ice and involved everything from 18-wheelers, pick up trucks, SUVs and cars.

We aren’t used to this much ice in the South. The Atlanta, Georgia region has not escaped the treacherous weather and we certainly hope not to repeat the recent ice storms given that slick icy roads result in serious auto and truck accidents. But because we don’t live with these conditions very often, we might forget the hazards of ice falling from roofs and gutters when ice is present.

Last week, after record-breaking winter weather hit the Dallas-Fort Worth region, ice slid off the roof of Cowboys Stadium, in Arlington, Texas the location for the NFL football’s Super Bowl XLV. Unfortunately, one person was critically injured and several others were hurt by the falling ice. Apparently, no injuries are life threatening.

After the incident, most stadium entrances had to be closed and officials put in a great deal of effort removing remaining ice from the stadium roof so it would be clear on game day.

We don’t expect another ice storm any time soon in the Atlanta area, but if that happens, it is important to remember that ice can be dangerous not just as a road or sidewalk hazard, but as a roof hazard as well. Remember when walking around buildings that have snow and ice on the roof, falling ice can be a major hazard and melting is very unpredictable.

Pedestrians can be injured by falling ice as well as ice on sidewalks and roadways. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured due to ice or other hazards, it is important to seek legal help to deal with your injuries.

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