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Child Drownings and Near-Drownings at Unusual High

The past two weeks have seen two children–one 4-year-old in Lawrenceville and one 7-year-old in Suwanee–drowned in Gwinnett County apartment swimming pools. In addition, 21 more near-drownings, including one in Lilburn on Monday, have already been reported in Gwinnett County in 2010. Compare that to the grand total of 23 calls for the entirety of 2009, and you’ve got one busy year for the Gwinnett County Fire Department. The strangest part is that the summer’s only just begun.

Fire Department spokesman Captain Tommy Rutledge has said that warmer temperatures this year are partly to blame. When it’s hot, it’s into the pool for the kids, especially if there’s a pool right at home.

Which brings us to apartment complex swimming pools, the site of both of these deaths. Unlike county swimming pools, Rutledge said, most apartment community pools don’t have lifeguards. Obviously this puts kids who swim at apartment pools, and other swimming pools that might be left unattended, at a greater risk.

The deaths and near-deaths we’ve already seen this year serve as a sad reminder that children need constant surveillance in pools, regardless of the depth. It’s known that a child can drown in just a few inches of water, so even if you’ve just got a paddling pool, it’s crucial to always have someone watching. No excuses.

Speaking of no excuses, the Gwinnett County Fire Department is offering water safety programs to reduce the risk of future drowning. Call them today at (678) 518-4850.

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