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Buford Man Killed in One-Person Wreck Wasn’t Wearing Seat Belt

Law enforcement isn’t sure whether alcohol or drugs were factors in a one-vehicle collision that killed a Buford man this past week. One thing investigators are sure of, however, is that the driver wasn’t wearing his seat belt.

The driver, Joe Archer, was going eastbound on Hog Mountain Road near Pine Road in Hoschton when he lost control of his truck. It crossed the road, struck the curb, rolled over and ejected Archer, who died at the scene.

My heart goes out to Archer’s family. It’s devastating to lose a loved one, and it probably doesn’t help that the factors leading to his death were at least partly under his control. Every time you get into a car, you make a decision whether or not to buckle up, and every time you get behind the wheel, you must determine whether you are able to responsibly control your vehicle. Whether passively or actively, Archer made those decisions, and his death may have been the result.

It is notable that Archer was driving a pickup truck. Safety belts have been mandatory for Georgia truck drivers for less than six months, and it’s true that some old habits die hard.

However, it’s also worth noting the statistic the police chief shares in this news story: fully 45 percent of traffic fatalities in 2009 happened to people who were not wearing seat belts. When you consider that upwards of 80 percent of drivers do wear seat belts, you start to realize how many lives seat belts really do save. I’m willing to bet that if more people knew that statistic, there would be a lot more people buckling up out there.

If there is one thing I can tell you after years of being a Gwinnett County auto accident attorney, it is this: please tell your friends, your neighbors, and your loved ones to buckle up while on the road. For any of them at any time, that simple choice could mean the very difference between life and death.

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