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Atlanta’s Dangerous Gridlock and Storm Aftermath

DSC00671.jpgBefore sharing my thoughts about the serious weather crisis we have been experiencing in the Atlanta area, I want to express my concern for our community and for all our citizens who have been through some very trying days. As I write, I am hopeful that our neighbors have returned to some level of normalcy after this incredibly difficult weather event.

As we are all aware here in Georgia, Winter Storm Leon has truly been our lion in winter. The national news covered the storm plight in our city and state and our elected officials, including Mayor Reed apologizing to us all on national television after folks like Al Roker criticized our local and state official for what he said was lack of proper planning and execution.

Atlanta’s storm story has been one of stranded vehicles, wrecked cars, angry citizens. But it has also been a story of kindness and neighbor helping neighbor. We had citizens stranded on our roads and highways who were released to go home all at the same time or so it seemed, causing dangerous situations for those in their vehicles and many motor vehicle accidents. Many mea culpa’s and apologies from our Mayor and Governor, some on the national news which covered our plight for days. But we also had neighbors with four-wheel drive vehicles going out to rescue those stranded on the roads, picking up strangers to take them to safety. We had teachers protecting kids at schools who were separated for long hours from their families. That is very good news about where we live.

Our first responders had so many emergencies to deal with and in the end, families were reunited and kids got home. Vehicles that were abandoned and then towed had until Sunday at noon to retrieve them without having to pay an impounding fee. The deadline has now passed and those who haven’t been reunited with their vehicles will have to pay the normal impounding fee.

The snow storm of 2014 will be a part of our lore for many years to come. Our kids will tell their grandkids about it. What my hope is that we can focus on the goodness of our school teachers, first responders and neighbors and the many stories of help and kindness that have come through these days.

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