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An Early Morning Drunk Driving Tragedy in Cobb County

Early this morning, the Cobb County I-575 ramp at Chastain Road became deadly for a 19-year old car passenger. The driver apparently crossed the ramp and tumbled down an embankment into trees below. Authorities say that it is possible that excessive speed and alcohol may be the reason for this tragedy.

The driver, a 21-year old man and two other passengers were hurt in the crash and were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. It is likely that charges will be filed against the driver and his life will be forever changed because of this tragic single-car crash.

Across the Atlanta metro region and throughout Georgia, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be deadly. When taking the wheel of a motor vehicle, it is important to remember that any impairment can lead to the death of those in your vehicle or others on the road, whether pedestrians or other drivers.

If you believe a driver is under the influence, don’t get into the car. Carry extra cash in your pocket so that you can call a cab and avoid what happened in this situation.

If you are injured because of someone else’s carelessness, including drinking and driving beyond the legal limit, you have rights. It is important to contact Atlanta personal injury legal counsel who can help you recover from your injuries and can hold those responsible for your recovery from injuries.

Most likely, the family of the deceased young man will have the right to file an action for the wrongful death of their son. This may well completely alter the young driver’s life as he will have to pay for the loss of life and for the injuries of the passengers.

If you or a loved one has died or suffered a severe Georgia car crash injury due to someone else’s carelessness, it’s important that you look into your legal options as soon as possible.

A dedicated Georgia wrongful death attorney can ensure that your losses are compensated fully and justly.

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