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Wrongful Death Actions After I-16 Fatalities

iStock_000001983354XSmallThis past April, Interstate 16 near Savannah was the site of one of the most horrific truck accidents we can recall in recent history. As most readers know, five nursing students were killed in that crash. Georgia Southern University has continued to be affected by the loss and recently some of the families of the women have filed wrongful death lawsuits due to this crash. It is reported that the tractor-trailer driver failed to apply his brakes or to perform evasive action when the truck he was driving slammed into the vehicle in which the students were riding. The lawsuits indicate that the driver was responsible for another accident several years ago after he fell asleep while driving.

Just last month, another terrible tractor-trailer crash took place on this same road in the same area as the nursing students’ tragedy. In that crash five people lost their lives. And just this past week, the Georgia State Patrol has reported that three were killed on this road in Treutlen County after a tanker truck hit their auto. In that crash, the driver has not been charged at this point, but the investigation is still pending.

There is no way to replace lives lost in these tragedies. Often it takes years for the families of those impacted by such losses to deal with all the ramifications of such horrific accidents. Nothing can bring their loved ones back to them. But often these losses included the only family member who is creating income for the family. And often families believe that to honor the memory of their loved ones, even those, and perhaps especially those, who did not have a chance to live out their lives, a wrongful death action is warranted when the initial investigation shows that fault can be established.

Wrongful death actions are very serious matters. Georgia law allows for specific family members to file such an action. Those able to file are parents, a husband or wife, a child or children or the next of kin or heir of the deceased person. When a family member loses his or her life due to the wrongdoing or negligence of another person or entity, a wrongful death action may be warranted. In these cases, the family members may be entitled to the lost income that the person would have earned over the remainder of his or her life, and can be compensated for the death of the loved one in other monetary damages as well depending on the circumstances.

As wrongful death attorneys, Scholle Law applies our compassion, skill and expertise in filing these actions on behalf of families. The legal aspects of these cases can be complex and we handle these cases with the skill and ability for which we are known and recognized. If you need guidance after a loved one has been fatally injured, please contact our office directly for a personal and caring conversation about your situation.