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Medical Emergency Cause of Fatal Truck Crash?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 1175023_magnolia.jpgRecently, a Hall County collision between an SUV and a tractor trailer resulted in the deaths of three children and two adults. An absolutely tragic situation, this collision may have been caused by the sudden seizure of the SUV’s driver. After this terrible tragedy occurred, the fiancé of the SUV’s driver was interviewed and he told WSBTV that she should not have been driving and that the crash may have been caused by an epileptic seizure. It is possible that this horrific accident may well have been the result of a medically impaired driver who entered into oncoming traffic and directly into a tractor-trailer. It is devastating to the families involved, including the truck driver who was not at fault in this particular crash. Two of the driver’s children were in the vehicle at the time of the crash and did not survive. One child decided to stay at home and play and another lives elsewhere. The other deceased passengers were very close family friends. The toxicology reports will come later, and whether the five deceased vehicle occupants were wearing seat belts is not known.

Some will remember that just last year, a truck driver suffered a medical emergency and crashed into a Gwinnett County strip mall. The driver passed away after crashing into two businesses. In that situation, the driver had just been at the doctor’s office having a post-operative examination after eye surgery. He had been cleared by his doctors to return to work. Amazingly, no one in the businesses was harmed, including kids in a karate studio. In that accident, the driver also jumped the median.

Just this week in Maryland another fatal crash that is said to be caused by a medical emergency caused a tragic collision. A passenger vehicle in Maryland struck a tow truck after crossing the median as occurred in the Hall County crash. The driver may have suffered a heart attack while driving.

When a driver has a sudden emergency while behind the wheel, there may be no negligence or fault involved if the driver was not aware of a pre-existing condition that might have impaired his or her driving. But in situations in which a person knew of the medical impairment, the case could be quite different. Drivers who are involved in accidents and have just seen a physician or eye doctor, are on medications that can cause drowsiness or those with other medical conditions can make this analysis more complex. We often forget that when we are behind the wheel of a vehicle, considered a dangerous instrumentality, we must also be mindful of our capabilities.

Our hearts go out to all those whose families and communities are mourning the loss of life in this tragedy. If you need legal or medical support after an accident, Scholle Law is here to provide a free consultation and analysis of your legal rights and remedies. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time.