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Truck and Motorcycle Accident Tangles I-75 For Hours

1301095_motorcycle_stunter_tyre_burnout_.jpgThis past Saturday, nearly all lanes of Interstate 75 in Cobb County were closed after an accident involving several vehicles. The accident occurred on Allgood Road and the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that northbound traffic was stopped for hours. Multiple vehicle accidents are not uncommon, and as a Gwinnett County accident lawyer I have represented many clients over the years who have been involved in this type of accident.

The accident occurred in the afternoon and involved multiple vehicles. According to reports, what happened on the Interstate was a scenario that involved a landscaping truck traveling north. Unfortunately, the truck blew a tire which can end up causing an accident and in this case did. After the truck blew its tire. the vehicles behind that truck had only seconds to deal with the emergency and they swerved to avoid hitting the truck. The first vehicle was a pick-up truck and the second was a motorcycle.

In swerving, the motorcyclist lost control of his motorcycle and ended up wiping out and injured. Amazingly, another truck hit the motorcycle, but the rider had already been separated from his bike at the time. The rider, a Jasper resident, was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment for what were described as very serious injuries. Reportedly, he needed surgery for his injuries. We sincerely hope that he recovers quickly from his injuries.

When vehicles lose a tire, they can often cause a serious accident. It is difficult to avoid events like this, but the reason why Georgia’s Department of Driver Services Driver’s Manual suggests that driving too closely when following another vehicle is a dangerous practice. Motorists need to maintain enough distance between vehicles to ensure that they can stop safely in the case of emergency such as a tire blow out. They recommend that one way to determine this is to “measure the amount of time between when the vehicle in front of you passes a reference point and when your vehicle passes the same reference point.” You should be able to count “one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two” before getting to the same point as the vehicle in front of you. This is really a minimal distance for safety. When the weather is not good, more distance is important for stopping distance.

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