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Tractor-Trailer Splits Apart After Car Collision

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Truck9.jpgLast week, Interstate-75 was shut down for several hours in near-by Tennessee after a collision between a tractor-trailer and a Toyota Camry. As readers know, I have represented many clients injured in Georgia tractor-trailer accidents and other crashes involving large vehicles in my Atlanta truck accident law practice.

In the recent tractor-trailer crash, the car and the truck collided when the Toyota driver lost control of his vehicle and it began to spin. Once that happened the truck, traveling in the same direction as the car, ended up being struck head on. Ultimately, the truck hit the Ringgold Road Bridge and this impact resulted in the truck breaking apart.

The Toyota driver was taken to the hospital. The extent of the driver’s injuries were not made public. The truck driver’s injuries were not severe.

This truck accident is another example of how dangerous it can be when autos and large trucks collide. In addition to the truck breaking apart, the truck’s load of produce ended up all over the road. The road was closed to clear the accident debris and the produce.

What would you do if you were driving near these vehicles? There are times that it is very difficult to evade such an occurrence defensively. This is one reason why it is so very crucial to maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and other vehicles on the road.

Federal regulations require that trucks must carry their loads safely. But in a situation like this, the truck may not have been able to avoid the accident and the load also became a hazard to all drivers. It is also possible that the truck was traveling too closely to the car to evade the collision.

In this truck crash, it might be that the car caused the accident, not the truck. Often the facts in any given situation are not clear and evidence must be gathered in a legal process called discovery.

The discovery process can include many possible approaches, but in general it includes learning about what happened from witnesses, authorities and perhaps even engaging an accident reconstruction expert. These experts can assess speed and various important factors such as angle of impact, collision dynamics and essentially the physics of the accident.

This is why in my work as a Metro Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyer one of my first tasks is to untangle the facts in any given case after meeting with my clients. The first priority is my clients’ physical well being and medical treatment. I want to make sure that my clients’ are getting the medical attention they need and often they are overwhelmed. The next step is to preserve evidence and learn about what happened in the accident.

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