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The Hit and Run Culture, Hits Home

iStock_000016030629XSmallAmericans have seen an increase in the number of hit and runs of all kinds. Although most hit and runs involve property damage, more and more of these involve severe injuries and fatalities. We are not alone in this unfortunate development, Britain too is now reporting an increase in the phenomenon that used to be far more rare. And in the Los Angeles area, there are 20,000 hit and runs annually, but most hit and runs remain unsolved and some of them are truly difficult to imagine — from leaving victims in the roadway, to dragging them for long distances.

And here in Georgia, where drivers are required under Georgia law to to stop and remain at the scene of an accident that involves property damage or injury, we are not immune to this terrible cultural phenomenon. Recently a man in Columbia County was struck by another vehicle and left in the road. It is difficult to imagine that any driver in their right senses or not under the influence of drugs or alcohol could do such a thing. This local resident walks that same road every day … a promise that reportedly he made to his daughter who passed away a year ago. Walking was his way of taking care of himself, which her promised her he would do.

The area in which he was walking does not have sidewalks. In this rural community, folks wave to passers by and there is a sense of community. But as the man lay in the middle of the road, family members began to see him there. Not only his wife, but around the same time his grandkids got off their school bus and there was grandpa. He remains hospitalized with serious injuries that thankfully are not like threatening. He will survive … but what cost are we all paying for this horrific trend?

Georgians are proud of our neighborly and hospitable culture. A callousness that allows for drivers to harm others and leave them hurt, is truly inhumane. As a lawyer who practices personal injury law, I see many accidents and injuries of all kinds. The injuries that are caused by a nameless and faceless driver, who does not have the courage or humanity to abide by the law, stop and assist in getting medical help for an injured victim, is difficult for kindhearted people to imagine. There are no laws strong enough to stop someone from causing harm that has no concern for law and order. We can only hope that somehow the root causes of this hit and run cultural phenomenon are uncovered and addressed across our country. Because as Georgians and Americans, we are better than that.

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