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The HEAT Has Been ON in Georgia

Thumbnail image for 748825_crash_car-1.jpgIt is now a fact of our driving lives that when we get out on the road, we experience some very aggressive drivers who seem to ignore the fact that they are sharing the road. This dangerous behavior is extremely short-sighted and dangerous. Aggressive driving can lead to death and tragedy, and in my practice as a Gwinnett County motor vehicle and accident lawyer, I see the result of this behavior on the roads. My law practice clients come to me with experiences involving negligent or reckless driving on a regular basis and often they are the victims of aggressive drivers and have been injured by them.

Some Georgia residents might not be aware that this summer is the ninth consecutive season during which Georgia’s local police have been putting on the H.E.A.T. This is an acronym for Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic which is intended to lower the number of fatal crashes during the summer months during which we drive more than at other times of the year.

The H.E.A.T. campaign will come to a close after Labor Day and is sponsored by the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. The program, which is only one of several important programs intended to keep our roads safe, has been in place here in our state for the past eight years. This year, the opening of the effort aligned with the more well-known “Click It or Ticket” safety belt initiative.

The joint effort involved our local police officers, sheriff’s deputies and state troopers who worked together to remove dangerous offenders from all Georgia’s roads. As we have recently posted, there are many high-risk behaviors that put all motorists at greater risk. One of the most dangerous of those is speeding. This is just as dangerous as texting and even DUI.

The statistics speak from themselves. The GOHS Georgia office reports that “in 2010, there were 217 speed-related fatalities.” They point out an interesting correlation between speeders and seat belt use. Those drivers who do not speed are more likely to wear a safety belt. In fact, they are twice as likely to be wearing a seat belt.

So, targeting speeders is also likely to yield offenders who are not strapped into their seats. This dangerous behavior just raises the likelihood of injury and death. Georgia has the dubious distinction of being one of the states in our country with the highest number of illegal speeders.

If GOHS publishes the statistics for the program this year, we will publish them for our readers. Meanwhile, when you see our hard-working law enforcement out there make sure to pull over for emergency vehicles and let them do their jobs.

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