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Teenager Suffers Serious Injuries in Flint River Boating Accident Near Bainbridge

A Georgia boating accident left one young man seriously injured and another with minor injuries, the Bainbridge Post-Searchlight reported July 28. According to the article, 14-year-old Davis Wallace and 16-year-old Jake Goodson were being pulled in inner tubes behind a boat operated by Mike Wallace. The elder Wallace told the Georgia Department of Natural Resources that he moved out of the way for another boat, then overcorrected, throwing the teens onto the bank of the river. Goodson was not seriously injured, but the younger Wallace was hospitalized for severe injuries at Memorial Hospital in Bainbridge, then transferred to another hospital in Tallahassee.

As a Georgia boating accident lawyer, I noticed right away that this accident was similar to a Georgia drunk boating accident that I recently wrote about on this blog. In that case, the victims were three young girls being pulled in inner tubes behind a boat operated by the father of one of the girls. The operator made a sharp turn, sending the girls into debris and rocks on the shore and causing injuries that required surgery. He was eventually charged with boating under the influence of alcohol.

In this newest case, alcohol was not reported as a factor. But as a Metro Atlanta boat accident attorney, I believe the two accidents are an important reminder that all Georgians should consider safety when they go out on boats and personal watercraft this summer. Boaters may not think boating accident are as dangerous as car accidents, but in fact, recreational boating accidents kill about 700 Americans every year, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. In fact, because a boating accident takes place in water, victims knocked unconscious may be in even greater danger of death from drowning or being caught in a propeller.

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