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Truck7In recent weeks, there have been several extremely dangerous Atlanta truck accidents, including those which have resulted in serious injury and property damage and others in which catastrophic or fatal injuries were, miraculously, avoided. Some readers might be surprised to learn just how dependent we are on the trucking industry and why it is more important than ever that we focus on trucking safety and the federal and local laws and regulations that apply to the industry. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) is the largest federation of state associations and conferences for the trucking industry in our country. The ATA reports that in 2014 alone, nearly 10 billion tons of domestic freight amounting to nearly 70 percent of all domestic freight in the country traveled by truck. Given the reliance on the trucking industry for freight movement in the United States, and given the fact that Atlanta is a major hub for transportation, it is not surprising that Atlanta truck accidents area are likely to occur.

As a nation of consumers, Americans have come to rely on interstate transportation for the goods we want, need and enjoy. Atlanta residents are no exception, as we enjoy the strengthening of our economy and have a unique place in transportation being one of the largest hubs in the southern states. But along with the stature of Atlanta and Georgia in transportation of all kinds, there is a higher risk of truck accidents and thus, serious injuries and deaths from those. Here are some Georgia trucking facts: every week nearly six million tons of freight travel through Georgia on our 1,200 miles of interstate highways and 20,000 miles of federal and state highways. And that doesn’t include our railroad or air transportation. Georgia is the envy of many states in that we are positioned as only a two-day truck drive to 80 percent of the country’s population. This is supported through Georgia’s six interstate highways, two of which, I-95 and I-75, traverse the nation.

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