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Snellville Motorcycle Crash: Officer Injured in Funeral Procession

A tragic Snellville motorcycle crash occurred yesterday when a DeKalb police officer, working an extra job as a funeral escort, was seriously injured in a wreck with an SUV.

Motorcycle4.jpgThe officer was moving ahead to stop cross traffic in the next intersection when an SUV made a left turn in front of him from a bank parking lot. According to Snellville police, the policeman’s motorcycle plowed into the SUV’s side. The SUV driver was not seriously injured but the officer sustained extensive lacerations and bruises, including considerable damage to his face which may require reconstructive surgery.

This was a tricky situation, because the policeman was speeding ahead and the SUV driver was clearly not anticipating him when she turned her vehicle out of the lot. However, according to witnesses and Snellville police, there were loud sirens and flashing lights indicating that caution should be used when entering the street. The funeral procession should have been apparent, according to accounts, but the driver still evidently was unaware of the danger.

As a Gwinnett County motorcycle accident attorney, I urge drivers to always heed sirens and police lights, even if they seem to be a block or more away. The sirens indicate a rapidly moving vehicle may be coming through for an important reason, and that care should be taken to give the right of way. A driver who ignores these signs does so at his or her own peril…not to mention that of everyone else on the street.

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