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Sad Reminders — Trucks Are Dangerous

Thumbnail image for Truck9.jpgTwo recent incidents involving tractor-trailers are worth noting as we continue the summer driving season. Earlier this week in Douglas County, a tractor-trailer caused two deaths and four injuries after allegedly driving through a red light. In an unrelated accident near downtown Atlanta, a portion of a tractor-trailer’s transmission flew off and went through a car windshield and tragically cause the death of an eight-year old girl.

In my work as an Atlanta truck injury and wrongful death lawyer, I have represented clients in cases involving semi-trucks, tractor-trailers and other large vehicles. These recent tragedies illustrate the importance that we remain aware of the catastrophic injuries and deaths that trucks can cause and how the motor carrier industry is regulated.

In the Douglas County accident that occurred earlier this week, the truck struck the driver’s side of a car traveling northbound on Thorton Road. The car and the truck went into the southbound lanes and in so doing struck two other vehicles. The car’s passenger was reported to have passed away at the scene, and the driver passed away after being extricated from the vehicle. In addition, four people in southbound vehicles were injured and were later reported to be in stable condition. According to witness reports, the tractor-trailer ran a red light. An investigation is ongoing through the Georgia State Police.

In an unrelated and unbearably tragic tractor-trailer accident near Atlanta, a piece of the tractor-trailer’s transmission literally flew across I-20, breaking through an SUV’s windshield resulting in a serious injury to the driver and the death of the driver’s eight-year old daughter. That accident is also under investigation.

We have all seen trucks and other large vehicles driving too fast and sometimes even recklessly. Sometimes we can protect ourselves form these large vehicles, but sometimes we cannot. In the United States, commercial motor vehicle carriers are regulated in many aspects of their operation to help avoid the serious injury and accidents they can cause due to their weight and size.
Under the federal regulations that govern the commercial motor carrier industry, there are specific rules such as 49 Code of Federal Regulations §§ 392.7 and 392.8, that require commercial vehicle safety including the driver’s inspection of certain critical portions of vehicle’s operation, such as brakes and lights. These regulations are intended to avoid the potential for injuries and damages that can be caused in a serious truck accident.

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