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Repeat Reckless Driver Deals Death to Family on Easter Weekend

It’s heartbreaking stories like this one that truly strengthen my resolve as a Georgia auto accident attorney. Easter should be a time for families to celebrate rebirth–but this year, for one Gwinnett County family, it was a time of unspeakable grief.

AutoAccident4.jpgOn Friday night, a family van was on its way from Lawrenceville to Jacksonville to celebrate a close relative’s release from prison. Riding in the van were 57-year-old Brenda Mitchell Edwards, her 39-year-old daughter Melissa L. Mitchell, and her four grandchildren: 16-year-old Dhanja Mitchell, 11-year-old Miya Mitchell, and twin 4-year-olds Christian and Keyshawn Perry. Suddenly, a speeding car swiped the van, which careened into the median and was then struck by a pickup truck. All of the van’s occupants were killed.

The speeder, Pedro Juan Ocacia Alcazar, turned out to have been arrested more than 12 times over the past decade for reckless driving, drug and battery charges. This time he was charged with six counts of vehicular homicide. As a Georgia car crash attorney, I find it particularly unsettling that someone with Alcazar’s criminal driving record was able to menace the streets and ultimately take the lives of an entire family. There were no news reports on whether he was intoxicated at the time, but considering his past I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s currently being held in Nassau County Jail on $300,000 bail–but can you put a price on the six people whose lives he took, and the dozens of others whose lives he tore apart irreparably?

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