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Remembering a Courageous Riverdale Resident

Thumbnail image for candles .jpgThe Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported last month on the tragic ending to an amazing life. I want to honor the life of Daryl Parker, a Riverdale resident, who was a devoted fan of his favorite football team and a person who met the many challenges life presented him. These are challenges I have helped my clients through in my practice as a catastrophic injury attorney.

The story of this man’s life should be memorialized by all of us and should be a reminder to appreciate what we have in life. Mr. Parker was partially paralyzed many years ago after a crash that occurred while he was traveling to a Crimson Tide football game. That was a tragedy he met with courage. He never let that slow him down. It never stopped him from attending his favorite team’s games.

Recently, Parker and many family members and friends were driving to New Orleans. They were on their way to the college football national championship game between LSU and Alabama when the unthinkable occurred.

They were traveling in a recreational vehicle motor home on a Mississippi highway — the motor home blew a tire and hit a tree. The driver, who also passed away from the accident, lost control of the vehicle which is very likely when a vehicle that heavy and large loses a tire. The AJC reported that authorities did not find any negligence by the RV owner (a former AFL player) or alcohol consumption.

The group was very close and shared a love for Alabama football. The RV owner loaned the vehicle to the group because he himself was not able to go. The driver had been a professional bus driver and the RV owner was not concerned about his ability to drive the vehicle. Unfortunately, a tire blow out is something that the best driver might not be able to overcome.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of these wonderful Georgia community members.

In Georgia, recreational vehicle drivers are exempt from obtaining a commercial driver’s license. Pursuant to the Georgia’s Department of Driver’s Services, Non-Commercial Class A and Class B Driver’s License Handbook: “[O]perators of recreational vehicles are not required to obtain a commercial driver’s license or a Class A or B non- commercial license if the vehicle is a self-propelled or towed vehicle equipped to serve as temporary living quarters for recreational camping or travel purposes and is used solely as a family personal conveyance.”

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