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Police Seeking Information on Driver in Peachtree City Hit-and-Run Accident

Law enforcement in Peachtree City asked the public for help finding a hit-and-run driver who seriously injured a woman, MyFox Atlanta reported July 12. Johnnie Moore was hit while crossing Highway 74 in Peachtree City this April. She cannot remember who hit her, but based on eyewitness reports, the police said they believe it was an SUV or a similar vehicle. They asked employees at auto repair shops to keep an eye out for vehicles of that size that may have been involved.

Moore had just moved to the Atlanta area with her two daughters to start a new job as a caterer. After settling her family in a hotel room, she went across the street to get dinner. She remembers carrying the food back across the road, but not the accident itself, which left her with a broken leg and arm, a hurt back and internal injuries. Unable to start her job, she is relying on her daughters for basic chores and working with social service agencies to get needed medical care and financial support. She said doctors told her that her recovery will be long.

This article caught my eye because it is a good explanation of the sad financial effect that a serious accident can have on ordinary families. Moore moved to Metro Atlanta for work — but because of this irresponsible hit-and-run driver, she physically cannot do the work she planned to do. As a result, she is struggling to support her daughters. The article does not specify this, but as an Atlanta car accident lawyer, I suspect she is also facing some very high medical bills. She was almost certainly hospitalized for the injuries mentioned in the article and will need at least some follow-up to deal with the broken bones. All of that costs money that she is now unable to earn, forcing her to rely on the kindness of strangers in her new home town.

After a serious injury, money is the last thing on most people’s minds. But as this story shows, victims can easily lose their financial footing after a serious accident. Hospital bills can easily reach six figures, and injured people frequently cannot work while they recover. Fortunately, if the at-fault driver has the courtesy to stop — or can be found by police — he or she can be held legally responsible for those bills. In a Georgia car wreck lawsuit, victims can claim compensation for all of their bills, including anticipated future medical costs stemming from the accident. They can also claim lost income from time off work, which would be substantial in Moore’s case. And of course, they may claim compensation for the injuries themselves, including any permanent disability, disfigurement or wrongful death.

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