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Georgia Commercial Truck Crash Safety Program Makes Debut

Big news in the prevention of Georgia car and truck crashes: a new initiative, the Georgia Targeting Aggressive Cars & Trucks Program, began on Monday. The program specifically focuses on reducing the number of crashes, injuries and deaths related to accidents involving collisions of lightweight vehicles with large commercial trucks.

Truck7.jpgTractor-trailers can weigh 50 times more than ordinary consumer vehicles–sometimes up to 40 tons–and this obviously puts the average Joe’s car at a distinct disadvantage in a collision. Large commercial trucks have many safety concerns that ordinary vehicles don’t have, and this means many different safety checks a driver must perform each and every time he or she hits the road.

But what happens while they’re actually on the road? Driving behavior accounts for as much if not more risk for accidents, and commercial truck drivers bear extra responsibility to be careful while driving. To help enforce this, Georgia is having law enforcement officers on I-85 and I-585 specifically look out for aggressive driving behavior such as tailgating, improper lane changes, speeding and failure to signal.

The goal is to significantly cut back on the number of crashes between commercial and lightweight vehicles in Gwinnett and Hall Counties. Between 2007 and 2009, approximately 1,160 crashes were reported, with almost 800 injuries and 25 deaths resulting.

The program targets not only truck drivers, but lightweight vehicle drivers as well. Dangerous behaviours around 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks include following too closely, driving in a truck’s blind spots or “no-zones” (there are four of them), and cutting across traffic too close in front of or behind a truck, say, to make a highway exit.

Participating law enforcement agencies include the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, the Gainesville Police, the Gwinnett County Police, the Georgia State Patrol and the Department of Public Safety Motor Carrier Compliance Division.

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