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Motorcyclist Dies in Metro Atlanta Morning Chain-Reaction Car Crash

A driver’s failure to slow when entering morning traffic on Interstate 285 caused a fatal chain-reaction crash, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Aug. 6. DeKalb County law enforcement said their believed an unnamed driver in an SUV caused the five-vehicle crash on the morning of Aug. 5. The article did not give details, but said the chain ultimately resulted in an 18-wheeler striking a group of motorcyclists. That crash killed motorcyclist Joseph Johnson of Clover, S.C. and injured three other riders, one seriously. The SUV driver also sustained moderate injuries.

Of course, it would be a mistake to make a judgment about fault without some of the facts missing from this article. But this set of facts makes it seem likely that the SUV driver was at fault. As a Metro Atlanta car wreck lawyer, I regularly use police reports to establish fault in the accidents I handle. (You can find much more about accident reports on my site, under Accident Report Resources.) A police report is not proof, but it is powerful evidence that a presumably neutral third party agrees that the defendant was at fault for the accident. If the DeKalb police say they believe the SUV driver caused the accident, that would be strong evidence in any Georgia car crash lawsuit victims decide to file. Any criminal charges or traffic tickets for the SUV driver could further strengthen the case.

The story also caught my eye because it involved a crash between a large truck and a motorcycle. Motorcyclists’ rates of injury and death are considerably higher than other motorists’, in part because their lack of a steel cage, seatbelts or airbags leaves them vulnerable in an accident. That would be especially true in an accident with a large truck, whose weight and size is hundreds of times greater than that of even the largest motorcycle. As a Gwinnett County, Georgia car accident attorney, I know that a collision with a big rig can kill or seriously injure people inside even large passenger vehicles. Motorcyclists in the same position would be likely to suffer wrongful deaths or very serious injuries.

In Georgia, people who are hurt because of another person’s careless driving have the right to hold that person legally responsible for the results. The Law Offices of P. Charles Scholle represents people exercising those rights through an Atlanta auto accident lawsuit. In a lawsuit, injured people and their loved ones can recover compensation for their injuries, physical pain, emotional trauma and any permanent disability or wrongful death the accident caused. More importantly for many struggling families, they can also claim compensation for their medical costs, including the cost of future treatment; income the victims lost while they could not work; and other major costs they would never have needed to pay if it were not for the accident. Our office works hard to get our clients the best possible compensation for these injuries, through aggressive negotiations with insurance companies and, if necessary, in a court of law.

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