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Georgia Motorcyclists — Ride Safe and Legal

Just in time for the major global event called “Ride to Work Day,” we have learned about the most dangerous intersections that have resulted in motorcycle accident injury or death in the Atlanta area. Before sharing thoughts on the newly-released information on Atlanta’s dangerous intersections, I do want to encourage riders to participate in the Ride to Work Day event and to ride safely to avoid personal injury.

The big Ride to Work Day event will take place on June 20, 2011. it is a worldwide effort to demonstrate the benefits of riding motorcycles or scooters to work. The global event, which is expected to draw millions of participants, is meant to show the efficiencies in riding these smaller vehicles and their positive impact on traffic congestion, fuel consumption and parking.

Georgia’s Motorcycle Safety Program manager noted that: “It is important to spread the word that motorcyclists are from all occupations and all walks of life. We are proud to be joining hundreds of cities, groups and organizations worldwide already supporting the annual Ride to Work Day.” I hope the event will be very successful throughout Georgia.

Georgians are committed to their enthusiasm for motorcycling. And there are many resources for safe riding in Georgia. For example, The “Ride Safe and Legal Georgia!” program encourages riders to wear safety gear, get licensed and take a course to make sure your riding skills are as good as they can be. Among many other things, the Georgia Department of Driver Services offers programs to ensure rider safety and share the road campaigns.

Now for the information on the dangerous intersections. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported recently that a large insurance company received 2009 data from the Georgia Department of Transportation to rank various intersections in Fulton County and indeed found that 14th and Peachtree is statistically the most dangerous. The intersection was the scene of seven fatal motorcycle crashes in Fulton County, which represents 39 percent of the total of 18 fatal crashes. Overall, there were 337 crashes within the county in 2009.

A list of the other intersections in Fulton and Dekalb that had more than one motorcycle crash in 2009 are as follows: Barge Road and Campbelltown Roads; Camp Creek Parkway and Welcome All Road;10th St. and Piedmont Avenue; Bolton Road and Marietta Road; Buford Highway and Peachtree Street; Delmar Lane and Delmoor Court; and Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway and Eugenia Avenue.

In an effort to make these intersections safer and provide greater awareness to all, the AJC reports that new traffic signs will be installed to alert motorists and cyclists that they must use caution in these intersections.

As an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer, I have always urged riders to follow Georgia traffic and motorcycle licensing and safety laws when riding their bikes. I hope all riders will consult some of the resources provided by Georgia, such as the Georgia’s Motorcycle Operator’s Manual which includes a great deal of technical and safe driving information.

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