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Single Car Crash Ends In Death of Two Gwinnett College Students

carhittingtree.jpgIn my law practice as a Gwinnett County catastrophic injury lawyer, I have experience with the dangers of single-car accidents. In fact, I have written about these often serious single vehicle crashes in the past, as they occur frequently in Georgia and as noted earlier this year, these crashes are currently being studied at the renown Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

Last month, two Gwinnett County college students were tragically killed in just such a fatal auto crash. In an accident that is still under investigation, two college freshmen were killed and two others were seriously injured. All had been friends in high school and all had graduated from Collins Hill High School.

The deceased students attended Georgia College and State University and both were from Gwinnett County. The accident occurred in Milledgeville and local police advised the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the students had been shopping at Walmart and were returning to campus when the accident occurred.

Although there is no alcohol alleged as a factor, weather has not been ruled out as a possible factor in the tragic car accident. It is also not certain whether charges will be filed in this crash.

The deceased students were in the back of a Mini-Cooper when the driver lost control and it became airborne. The vehicle flipped, apparently more than once, and eventually hit a tree. Sadly, the young men were pronounced dead at the scene after being removed from the vehicle by emergency personnel. The other two young men were taken to Oconee Medical Center in Milledgeville but were later transferred to Medical Center of Georgia in Macon.

The College has issued a statement about this tragedy saying that: ” ‘The Georgia College community extends our most heart-felt condolences to the family members, friends and associates of our deceased students … we will have counselors available to assist any university person or group who wishes assistance.’ ”
A very moving story about these fine young men and their families reminds us of the delicate balances in life. Most certainly, all families in this tragedy are grieving this loss.

In my profession as a serious car accident lawyer, I help families deal with the legal aspects of such things as wrongful death of a child. But the legal aspects of these accidents is only part of the picture.

The Georgia legal system provides for what is called “discovery” which includes an investigation of the facts of each case. This process involves legal skill and building the strongest legal and factual case possible, including sometimes hiring medical or accident reconstruction experts to support the case for the best outcome. It also involves supporting families emotionally and helping them to deal with the financial aspects of often very challenging life crises.

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