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Georgians Be Safe — Deadly Fire Teaches Tragic Lesson

embers.jpgA Christmas morning fire that took the lives of nearly an entire family, serves as an important safety warning for all Georgians for general and holiday fire safety. In my practice as a Gwinnett County catastrophic injury lawyer, I have helped many Georgia families who have experienced tragic accidents and wrongful death of loved ones.

Often families are able to eventually move past their grief and use the tragedy they have experienced to help others. That is what I hope will be the outcome of the terrible fire that took place over the Christmas holiday.

Please make sure that you are aware of how to keep your family safe from fire danger. It is important to learn about what you can do to ensure that tragedy does not happen to you as it did to the family members lost in the Christmas day fire.

Please keep in mind safety tips if you are building a fire in your fireplace this holiday season. Remember that hot embers stay hot for up to hours and hours. In the tragic Christmas day fire, the fireplace embers were likely removed from the fireplace and put in an entry way or near the trash.

A spokesperson interviewed by the Associated Press and published in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution after this fire noted that fireplace embers stay very hot for many hours and can be sufficiently hot to actually ignite a fire even a day after the fire has been put out. It is common sense that if embers are removed, they must be put in a metal container and should be taken outside for at least one day before putting them in the trash.

Make sure that your fireplace has been inspected by professionals before you use it, or if you have not used it recently. Make sure that you have smoke detectors in your home or apartment that are functional and that are placed in the correct locations. If your home is under renovation, it is very important that family members are not living in the renovation before it has been approved by authorities. It is thought that this could have been the case in this tragedy.

If you live in a single or a multiple story structure, it is important to have drills and safety routes for yourself and your family, especially from bedrooms in which family members might be sleeping when a fire breaks out. There are many safety products that are available for families to use for escape, including ladders that can be placed near windows.

In addition, consumers can avoid serious burn injuries and the fire dangers from dry Christmas trees by reviewing safety videos posted on the U.S. Fire Administration’s website. The U.S. Fire Administration also has important information on its website about avoiding fires from Christmas lights and other sources. It might be surprising to consumers to learn that Christmas trees account for 240 fires annually which are most often caused by shorts in electrical lights, open flames from candles, lighters and matches. It is very important that live trees are well-watered to avoid dryness that can lead to fire danger.

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