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Georgia State Troopers Launch Campaign to Raise Awareness of Dangers of Car-Big Rig Crash

As a Metro Atlanta tractor-trailer accident attorney, I was happy to see a recent report in the Times-Georgian of Carroll County about a new campaign to educate the driving public about the dangers posed when a large truck collides with a passenger vehicle. According to the newspaper, the Georgia Department of Public Safety is stepping up enforcement of the law and trying to raise awareness as part of the Georgia Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks initiative. The current effort is the third wave of enforcement to hit west Georgia this year, combining efforts of state troopers, local sheriffs’ deputies and the Motor Carrier Compliance Division of the DPS.

Joey Boatright, the Georgia State Patrol Villa Rica Post Commander, said drivers in both cars and trucks are sometimes responsible for the aggressive driving that can cause serious semi truck accidents. Large trucks need three times as much distance as cars to come to a complete stop, he said, when they’re going at the same speed. That makes tailgating by both cars and big rigs extremely unsafe, he said, removing the space the truck needs to stop safely in an emergency. Blind spots on trucks are also an important issue for both kinds of drivers to be aware of. To raise that awareness, the article said, troopers cited about 300 vehicles on busy west Georgia roads in one week in mid-August. They also stepped up inspections of 18-wheelers, looking for mechanical and safety problems such as bad brakes or missing headlights.

As a Georgia trucking crash lawyer, I have seen the terrible injuries a trucking accident can cause firsthand. Truck1.jpgCommercial trucks weigh many times more than the average family car — and in a crash, all of that extra weight translates into greater force. As a result, crashes between tractor-trailers and cars are much more likely than car-car crashes to be fatal or cause catastrophic, disabling injuries. That’s true regardless of who caused the crash. When the stakes are this high, I believe both parties have a strong incentive as well as a legal duty to be extra careful about safety, leave enough following distance and follow state and federal safety laws designed to prevent these terrible accidents. Unfortunately, accident statistics show that too many drivers don’t understand these risks, and thousands of lives are lost each year as a result.

When a trucker or trucking company makes unsafe or illegal moves in traffic and causes a serious accident, victims have the right to hold them legally liable for all of the results. The Law Offices of P. Charles Scholle can help. Our Gwinnett County big rig accident attorneys represent people who were seriously hurt or lost a loved one in this situation. We believe it is especially important for drivers to seek legal representation in this situation because trucking companies can move quickly after an accident to limit their liability. Insurance company representatives may show up at victims’ doorsteps within days or hours of an accident, pressuring them to sign documents or offering an inadequate amount of money in exchange for giving up their legal rights. We protect our clients from this insurance company overreaching, allowing them to fully understand their injuries and the value of their claims before they consider any legal settlement.

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