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Georgia State Soccer Player Loses His Life In Tragic Accident

Thumbnail image for candles .jpgA tragic single vehicle crash has cost a former member of Georgia State University men’s soccer team his life. In my practice as an Atlanta car accident and injury lawyer, I have researched and reviewed many incidents involving single vehicles. The accident that occurred earlier this week is still under investigation as there can be many causes for such an accident including road conditions, driver impairment or vehicle defects or problems. Single vehicle crashes are often very serious, but often can be avoided.

All that is known at this time as reported by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, is that the young man who was only 21 years of age, was driving on Peachtree Street near the corner of Upper Alabama traveling southbound when his vehicle left the road while on a curve.
The car ended up crashing into an ice cream parlor which caused serious damage to the store. If only that had been the only damage done. Sadly, before ending up on its side in the place of business, the vehicle struck planters as it careened into the store. The tragic accident occurred at about 2:30 in the morning. The young man was extricated from the car after the accident. He tragically passed away after being taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Although this took place in the early morning hours, it is fortunate that no one else was injured or killed in this accident. There is damage to the building and to the store, but all of that can be repaired. What cannot be changed is the loss of life for a young man who had attended South Forsyth High School and played soccer there as well as at East Tennessee State University and then at Georgia State.

We have posted in the past on single vehicle and road departure accidents. These accidents cause loss of life, injury and properly damage every day on our roads. In fact, most people do not realize that according to vehicle accident and injury researchers at Virginia Tech, road departure crashes are one of the most frequent and costly collision types in the United States. It is estimated that road departure collisions are among the top five most frequent crash types and result in the most economic damage of any type of collision. For example, “road departure collisions are more frequent on non-highways in rural areas, with up to 60% of crashes occurring on 2-lane roads. The presence of center and edge lines on paved roads has been found to reduce crash frequency.”

We will be posting more information on single vehicle accidents in the future, but for now we simply want our readers to know that they must be very aware of the potential for road departure especially on unfamiliar roads as we travel during the summer months.

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