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Georgia Drivers Look What’s Heading Our Way — Part One


Tech Aids in Crash Avoidance 

Georgia drivers, get ready for big innovations in cars and trucks. Highway accidents are an everyday occurrence. We know that the vast majority of accidents, and the injuries that can result, are caused by driver choices or driver mistakes. In fact, statistics show that almost 95 percent of all accidents are caused by these human factors. So one of the big ways to avoid accidents is taking the human error out of the equation and letting technology help. Some of these technologies are a by-product of the driverless car research and others have been around for some time. In this two-part series, we will bring our readers some of the latest innovations that are available now and in the future.

New Braking Systems Anticipate Collisions

First up are braking systems that anticipate what is in front of the driver. These systems provide warnings to the driver that an accident is imminent. If the driver doesn’t brake sufficiently, the braking system will apply the brakes to avoid the accident. Some cars already having city braking systems that will stop a car before it hits another in front of it. This system warns the driver and then takes evasive action if there is no response or an inadequate response. The experts say these systems are still being made smarter and the technology will continue to develop. But one thing is fairly certain, eventually all vehicles will have some sort of warning braking system that is intended to avoid collision.

Automated braking systems will help with rear-end collisions which are often the first event in a crash. Some cars already have these systems in various combinations. The anticipated additional expense for these systems will vary.

Tech Can Protect Pedestrians
Every day we hear of accidents involving vehicles hitting pedestrians. As we have posted over the years, hit and run pedestrian injuries are also on the rise. A technology that can help drivers and avoid pedestrians from being hit is also a frontal impact braking system that would stop the vehicle before it impacts the pedestrian. The cost is minimal compared to the tragedy that could result in such an accident. This is accomplished using sensors that are similar to the crash avoidance braking systems. These systems are currently in some cars. These systems use sensors and sometimes even radar sensors. Given the trend towards distracted driving and even distracted walkers, this technology could help.

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