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Fatal Truck Crash and Cargo Dangers

overturned truck_584005_30246517Recently, a family’s tragedy made the news across the country. A Navy veteran, with tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq lost his life in a truck accident. Although the cause of the accident has not been disclosed, the veteran was driving a load of lumber when his truck overturned. His wife said they were hoping to have another child and she spoke to her husband at his wake to let him know she was pregnant. Only two weeks later, she learned that she is having triplets.

This tragedy brings to mind the dangers of trucking accidents. The load on the vet’s truck was apparently lumber and although it may not have been a cause of the accident, the fact that the truck turned over is an obvious concern. The federal government has a well-established regulatory scheme that addresses the way in which cargo should be managed and secured on trucks to avoid injury. These regulations apply to many trucks that cross Georgia’s highways and are intended to keep both those in the truck and those sharing the road, safer. The regulations specify the way trucks of all types are to carry cargo. Due to the large size of these vehicles, both the weight and distribution of cargo are key to remaining upright and safe in an accident or sudden stop.

Many serious injuries and fatalities involving large trucks occur every year across the country. A truck’s center of gravity is far different than that of a small vehicle. This means that if a load is not properly distributed and secured within the truck, it could jack-knife, overturn or become difficult to control more easily than other vehicles. This in turn, endangers not only the driver and any truck passenger, but all other vehicles traveling near the truck.

Earlier this month, the Georgia State Patrol investigated a truck crash in which a woman passed away. The  woman’s vehicle left its lane on Georgia Highway 53 and traveled into oncoming traffic. A dump truck swerved to avoid hitting her vehicle, but the front of her pick up struck the dump truck. And earlier in the new year, a tractor-trailer driver from Hazlehurst, Georgia lost his life when his truck crossed into oncoming lanes and hit trees on the other side of the road. The causes of these accidents are not known, but they demonstrate how quickly tragedy can strike.

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