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Family of Four Dead in Fiery Crash on Interstate 75

A three-vehicle crash took the lives of four people traveling from Kentucky to Florida, Tallahassee’s WCTV reported July 3. According to the station, Jerome Roberts was driving an SUV south on Interstate 75 at around 2 a.m. when his vehicle hit a Honda Accord driven by Douglas Jones of [Atlanta]( A Penske rental truck behind them was unable to stop in time and rear-ended the SUV, causing it to burst into flames.

A passer-by was able to pull Roberts out of the SUV, but it burst into flames before anyone else could be saved. The resulting fire killed Roberts, 40; his girlfriend, Cheryl Collins, 41; and her daughters, MaRhonda Collins, 20, and August Roberts, 11. All were from Midway, Kentucky; they were traveling to Florida so MaRhonda Collins could audition for American Idol. None of the other four people involved were [seriously hurt](, although Jones complained of minor injuries.

This story caught my eye because the state police believe “road rage” by Jerome Roberts caused the accident. According to the Georgia State Police, Jones was on the phone with police, reporting road rage by Roberts, when the accident happened. If this is true, Roberts has paid a terrible price for his anger. No agency keeps reliable statistics on accidents caused by road rage, but it is clear to this Georgia auto accident lawyer that aggressive driving is unsafe driving, almost by definition. We all have a legal and ethical responsibility to take care behind the wheel, even when we believe the driver in the next lane is an idiot.

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