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Effingham County Intersection Accident Between Church Van And Semi-tractor Truck Caused By Drunk Driver

According to WTOCTV, on Monday night a church van and a semi-tractor trailer collided on Highway 80 at the intersection of Old River Road in Effingham County. A pick-up truck whose driver was later charged with a DUI knocked down a stop sign. Moments later, a van was carrying several young people from a local church and went through the intersection and right into the path of an oncoming semi. The semi collided with the van, causing the van to roll into a ditch. The pick-up also ended up in a ditch and the driver took off on foot.

The driver and the passengers in the van were treated and released. One person sustained a knee injury and will receive additional medical attention.
The driver of the van was charged with DUI, fleeing the scene of the accident, hit and run and attempted burglary.

Fortunately in this case, the injuries appear minor. However, if you’ve been in an automobile accident, even if you believe your injuries are minimal, it’s important to receive medical attention and contact a dedicated automobile accident attorney immediately. Sometimes injuries that seem minor at first may have lasting effects. Some common injuries as a result of intersection accidents and head-on collisions include head injuries, neck, and back injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Further, many factors exist in this Georgia intersection accident case – much like in any other automobile accident – which may impact fault. It’s crucial to hire an experienced Georgia auto accident attorney to conduct a thorough investigation and to evaluate how all of the factors impact fault and your chances of receiving just compensation.

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