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Alleged Drunk Driver Slams Into Stalled Car, Kills Man

sobriety check pointOne of the things many of us take for granted is that when we have a disabled vehicle, others on the road will take greater care and avoid hitting us. But what happens when drivers are either under the influence or do not anticipate a road condition that is unexpected? This is part of what we need to do as drivers, expect the unexpected and slow down depending on road conditions. In my work as an Atlanta accident injury lawyer, I have seen the terrible impact of drinking and driving. I have had the privilege of serving on the Board and Steering Committee for Georgia Mothers Against Drunk Driving and have supported the organization through my law firm.

Unfortunately, a recent local example of drinking and driving came to my attention as I read with sadness that an alleged drunk driver slammed into a disabled vehicle killing a Cobb County man. He was stalled on the I-285 westbound ramp from I-75 north in Clayton County. His vehicle was struck from behind by a cargo van that was driven by the alleged drunk driver. According to reports, charges are now pending both against the driver and a passenger of the van, both of whom are alleged to have been under the influence of alcohol.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has worked very hard to reduce the destructive impact of drunk driving in America and has helped to lower the numbers of drunk drivers on our roads. They note that we take “233 billion trips in cars each year,” but that one in every two thousand trips involve drivers who have been drinking and are under the influence of alcohol. Shockingly, just about one of every three deaths on our roads involves drunk driving which shows just how deadly drinking and driving is on our streets and highways.

All the statistics should give us pause. Difficult to imagine, but the fact is that on average drunk driving kills someone on America once an hour. Yes, once an hour. Think about this — nearly 10,000 people in our country die on the roads every year. Beyond the tragedy of preventable deaths, the facts also reveal that every 90 seconds someone is injured due to drunk driving. And a staggering number of these deaths, injuries and accidents in general are caused by those who have engaged in this bad behavior previously.

When you are on the road, you are most likely driving along with a drunk driver. Sometimes we see them weaving or driving erratically and we call 911 to report this. It is very important to contact authorities if you observe a driver that seems impaired.

Removing these drivers from the road is getting easier … ignition interlocks for drunk driving offenders can now help stop these drivers from ever getting on the roads. Let’s work together to avoid this dangerous and deadly behavior.

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