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Distracted Driver Destroys Lives

distracted-driver-200x300Over the years, we have shared posts about a wide variety of accidents with our readers. We do this because we want to help our readers understand why accidents happen and how to avoid them, if at all possible. Earlier this week, a truly horrific crash occurred in Texas. You may have heard about the crash involving a pick up truck and a church van. Thirteen people lost their lives in this crash. One survivor remains in the hospital. The crash turns out to have been completely avoidable. Thirteen people could still be with their families today, but for a 20-year old driver who was texting while driving on a two-lane road. He crossed over the line and struck the church van.

A driver behind the pick up truck noticed the driver traveling erratically and crossing the line. He contacted two different sheriff’s offices informing them that the truck was driving dangerously. But the crash happened before that was possible. And tragedy struck. After the crash the witness was there to listen to the young driver’s guilt … apologizing over and over again for having texted while he was driving. Although authorities have yet to confirm this was the cause of the crash, the witness indicated that the driver admitted this to him on the scene. This will be part of the investigation.

The church members were elderly and were wearing lap seat belts at the time of the crash. Experts reveal that in a crash like this one, a lap belt doesn’t protect passengers as well as a three-point shoulder belt. This is because passengers are more likely to sustain head injuries.

Texas currently does not have a texting while driving law. Apparently some local jurisdictions ban this, but the state legislature is currently working on a ban. It seems likely now that such a ban will be enacted there. Given the loss of life that might well have been caused by this behavior. In the past, the Texas governor has vetoed a ban passed by the legislature. Given that only four states do not have such a ban, Texas might now join the vast majority of states that do ban this dangerous driving behavior.

It is very common to drive on a highway and see other drivers apparently using their phones. A new California law now bans holding a phone while driving. If they want to use a phone, drivers must mount their phones in the car and are only permitted to touch their phones once to perform any function. It remains to be seen how the enforcement of this stringent law proceeds. Some communities are targeting drivers holding their phones and are determined to stop this practice.

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