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Detained Dacula Hit-and-Run Suspect Was “Voluntarily Deported”

There’s been a lot of local outrage lately around a driver who killed a senior and World War II veteran via a Dacula hit-and-run car accident in 2005. Celso Campo-Duartes, who has been arrested five times for traffic violations, not only ultimately killed someone through irresponsible driving; he also is in this country illegally. But none of this is new information. The latest outrage comes from a revelation from the Gwinnett County Sherriff’s office that Campo-Duartes was “voluntarily deported” last fall–which means he was trusted to leave the country within a certain period of time at his own expense.

Yet Campo-Duartes clearly either never left, or he came back pretty quickly, because Gwinnett County police booked him again for disorderly conduct and driving without a license in May of this year. Campo-Duartes is now held by the Gwinnett Sheriff under 287(g), a program in which local law enforcement works with the federal government to identify and detain illegal immigrants, then passes them on to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which in turn determines whether and how to deport the individual or individuals in question.