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Decatur Bicyclist Struck and Killed by Pick-Up Truck

bicyclists with helmetsLast week, a tragic bicycle accident rocked Dekalb County when local resident, Paul Taylor, was struck by a pick-up truck as he rode his bicycle on North Decatur Road near Willivee Drive.This tragedy occurred only yards from my home. The victim later passed away at DeKalb Medical Center. In my work as a Dekalb County accident lawyer, I have learned that families dealing with tragedy need the support of their community. It is very clear in this situation, that the family is getting that important support. The obituary for this gentleman can be viewed here.

Our hearts go out to the family of the deceased resident, who by all accounts was an active member of his community as a dad, soccer coach and athlete. Having received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Augusta College in 1984 he went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Health Sciences University (formerly Medical College of Georgia) in 1986. Following that in 1989, he received certification from the National Commission of Physician’s Assistants and went on to a stellar career in neonatal care and women’s health at Grady Health System and was a clinical instructor in the Physician Assistant Program with Emory University School of Medicine. In 1993, he was named Teacher of the Year by the Physician Assistant Program at Emory University.

In Mr. Taylor’s memory, it is important that we are mindful that as the weather changes and bicyclists are out on the roads, we all need to share the road with care. In this situation, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that the bicyclist was riding on the inside lane of the four-lane North Decatur Road in the early morning hours. The driver of a pickup truck struck the rider. The accident is under investigation and the authorities are as yet uncertain whether charges will be filed against the truck driver.

Georgians are avid bicycle riders. Georgia Bikes is a statewide organization with many resources available to bicycle riders in our state. In an effort to educate Georgians on safe riding, Georgia Bikes provides safe riding and advocacy for bringing bike lanes to your community.

It is most important that bicyclists are aware of the bicycle laws and traffic ordinances. The Official Code of Georgia Annotated sections 40-6-55 and 40-6-56 provide that motor-vehicle operators must yield “to a person operating a bicycle in a bicycle lane” and must remain at a safe distance from bicycles on the road. This is considered to be three feet and when overtaking and passing a bicycle proceeding in the same direction, must leave this safe distance and must also maintain this clearance in overtaking the bicycle.

For cyclists, it is important to remember to wear a helmet, make sure that you are visible to drivers by wearing bright clothing and using both front and rear lights when riding at night or dusk and dawn. Make sure to remain with the flow of traffic and drive defensively.

For more information on Georgia’s pedestrian and bicycle programs, please visit the Georgia Department of Transportation website.

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