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Distracted Driving Caused Cobb County Fatality

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for distracted driver.jpgThere is no doubt that distracted driving has become a dangerous practice among drivers throughout the country and within Georgia and the metro Atlanta area. Perhaps it is human nature to believe that we are above any tragedy that could occur if we text and drive or use our phones to make a call while trying to steer our vehicles. Unfortunately, this is actually a false sense of security, because it has been shown again and again that these distractions make it difficult for drivers to consistently manage the many faculties needed to properly and safely drive a motor vehicle. In a crash that occurred last month in the Austell area, one woman lost her life and another is now under arrest for this activity that is alleged to have caused a terrible crash on the C.H. James Parkway.

The driver alleged to have caused the crash that led to the death of a 36-year old female local basketball coach, had a text on her phone, calls that were received and a call that was made at the time of the crash. She apparently deleted the text to try to keep police from seeing that she had done this before the crash took place. But this information is not possible to delete or to avoid from the ultimate view of investigators in a situation like this. The police have finished their investigation and as a result, have charged the driver with a violation of Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 40-6-393 which includes second-degree homicide by vehicle. She has also been charged with violating involving driving too closely to the vehicle ahead of her and driving with a license that had expired.

Several vehicles were involved in the crash that set off a series of events that resulted in a collision and fire. The driver that initiated the events is alleged to have been trying to make a lane change. She hit a Toyota truck, which then lost control and collide head on with a third vehicle, an Infiniti. The Infiniti then was struck by a fourth vehicle, a large truck that hit the Infiniti’s rear end and that vehicle caught fire. The Infiniti’s driver was caught in the fire and died at the crash site.

The statistics are getting worse as time goes by, despite the fact that most drivers understand the dangers involved in using a phone while driving. In what some call an epidemic, over 3,000 lives were lost in 2012 due to distracted driving. Those who have survived would likely say that it wasn’t worth it and whatever was being communicated could have waited. To learn more about the dangers of distracted driving, please visit at the National Transportation Safety Board.

If you or someone you know have been involved in a crash involving a distracted driving that caused injury or death, please contact me at Scholle Law at any time to learn about your legal rights. This practice is dangerous and those engaging in it while driving can be held accountable for the injuries and property damage they cause, whether to property, others on the road or pedestrians.